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HackCamp Ideas

Page history last edited by johanna kollmann 11 years, 3 months ago

Got an idea for a hack? Looking to find people to collaborate with? Post your thoughts and requests below:


  • Taxi Ripoff Detector for Android
    • Compares route taken with ideal route from routing API
    • Show difference in lengths
    • Optionally plots the two on a map
  • Multiplayer gaming framework for Android & App Engine
    • Use the new channels API 
    • Make it easy to plug in a game engine
    • Write the same game engine code for client and server?
  • Materialized view library for App Engine
  • (Web based) IDE for iPad - Cristiano Betta
    • Current iPad IDEs suck
    • Most don't have console access to remote server
    • Most don't support SSH/SFTP
    • Web based IDE might be more powerful as it's not just useful for iPad 
  • Change the world (for blind people) with Android - Saqib Shaikh
    • The iPhone is the only phone blind people can use without spending hundreds of pounds. Android is the perfect open platform on which to build such a solution, and make many cheaper phones available to blind people.
    • Google provides APIs for doing this (TTS to make the phone talk, accessibility events to be notified when something happens) – they just need hooking up.
    • I believe a developer with in depth accessibility knowledge (me) and an Android/Java ninja (you) should be able to make a good prototype within 10 hours or so.
    • Just think how cool this hack would be, compared with another Google maps mashup :-)
    • Tweet @SaqibS if you're interested. 
  • Build a multiplayer Carcassone game that can communicate over XMPP (Jabber) - leipie
    • The board game is great, but I haven't seen a good computer version yet.
    • XMPP should allow anyone to join in a game who is on a chosen jabber server. Given a good protocol is made and enforced.
    • I also think local multiplayer / scenario play should be a great feature.
    • First plan is to implement a version on the Android SDK. (I will be bringing a Nexus one to try it out on.)
    • Need help in obtaining game information (need digital tiles)
    • Need help with building an efficient GUI
    • Probably too big of a project
  • iPhone event finder.
    • Use location, calendar and iTunes history and favourites to get suggestions from gigJunkie.
    • I've no idea about iPhone development, but I do know about Cocoa.
    •  I've no idea if the API even provides the info we could use.
    • I've no idea if I can get iCal and iTunes to yield data.
    • Hey! It's just an idea. Tweet @abizern if interested.
  •  OpenID plugin for safari (and chrome and firefox?) - surial
    • Use safari's new extension mechanism to find open ID login boxes, and in response show an extension bar that takes care of logging in for you.
    • Might need to figure out if OpenID providers offer an API of some sort to handle automatic login
    • Potentially add 1password-esque feature.
    • If there's time, port to chrome and firefox
  • Tron light cycle game - surial
    • Programmed in HTML(5)
    • Play with two at one keyboard, across the network (latency is going to be, uh, interesting).
    • Add a way to program a "bot" you can play against?
    • Add some interesting level designs. 
  • A visual music & related people map using mflow data
    • Visual way to discover music via people 
    • Programmed in HTML(5)
    • Pull data and content from mflow apis and servers 
  • South Africa live
    • Create a social game that takes you to the heart of the action: a virtual Neighbourhood, live Conversation, and vital Information
    • The voices of the World Cup are pulled together into a Web/mobile app: the people, the game, the tweets, the news, the background
    • From walking around a fantasy Cape Town with your avatar where you can see interesting locations and other people, tap on anything to search an information archive to pull out useful sites and blogs, or raise a comment or question that puts you into a Twitter channel - use keywords to get back to the Neighbourhood and add friends you meet at any time
    • Combine art and music, sprinkle with information on events and issues, guides or statistics, and embed with dialogue through social networks - a recipe for a fun project with a positive statement (even if we only do 2-3 of the above)
      Replies: @loleg
  • Mashups & Data visualizations using the Endless Rotation data. 
    • Endless Rotation has a lot of information on DJ charts, what people are charting, when they charted it, what the most popular tracks are etc.
    • This data is all exposed via the Endless Rotation API  This is a REST API and all data is exposed as JSON. 
    • It would be great to mash this data up with other services and/or produce some data visualizations using the data.
    • Replies: @james_croft
  • Mashup of EchoNest and Endless Rotation API's to create a widget for DJs to put on their sites
    • Use the artist info API's from EchoNest and join with the charted track data from Endless Rotation to create a small widget that DJs can embed on websites.  The widget will give artist info (from EchoNest) and show the DJs recently charted tracks (from Endless Rotation). 
  • Searchable skype chat history maintained across computers
    • Use skype API to listen to messages and send all messages to an independent server
    • Web interface to search the chat logs with a proper full text search, as well as filtering by person, time, and originating computer.
    • Overcome frustration of not being able to look at chat logs saved on other computers, losing logs after a rebuild, and being limited to text search starting fromthe top of the log as defined by the last 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or forever.
    • It exists http://www.im-history.com/ and others.
  • Office Jukebox
    • Pull in tracks from spotify or mflow.
    • Play tracks in sequence based on user's voting
    • Encourage users to vote up and down cheesy music!
  • Use the UK Trade Tariff API to show where the UK imports products from and exports products to - Johanna Kollmann (@johannakoll)

    • eg who does the UK sells arms and weapons to
    • where does eg cinnamon come from
    • potentially interesting for journalists, economists, anyone interested in sustainability
    • these are all ideas based on the current Tariff tool, hope the API can do more, eg include how much money was made with taxes, if there are specific industries making more. Eg high import tax on certain goods to protect UK producers and consumers. Look at implicit sanctions, eg high taxes for specific countries, and explicit sanctions.
    • goal: make data easier to access, build good filter and search interface, mash it up with a map, make it pretty
    • Could be even more interesting to look at the business side. Import tariffs for other countries, find out about special conditions, figure out where it's cheap/easy for you to sell your products to.





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